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getcashWe are the perfect place to sell your gently used DVD’s Blu-Rays, iPod’s, Video Games, and/or Game Consoles. We pay CASH! OR you can choose our store credit option which is 15% more than what you get cash, but it is placed on a store gift card. (You may spend available balance at either Replay location). All game consoles MUST have a working name-brand controller; see store for details.

We are looking to buy Blu-Rays and next gen game consoles. We are paying more for those kind of items right now, so stop in. We pay CASH!


1.  Must be 18 years or older with a STATE ID (we do not accept student IDs or passports!!!)

2.  Go through your old/unwanted movies, video games, and bring them to us at REPLAY

3.  An employee will go through and test your items/check the condition and so on–while you shop.

4.   An employee will determine the value of the items that they are interested in, by the resale value of each item.

5.   You then have a choice, you can take cash, store credit, or simply keep your items.  (cash is up to 50% of what we sell an item for, Store credit is 15% more than our cash offer.)

So next time you need some extra cash or a new game or movie, think of us first.

We buy, sell, and trade all of the following: (for a list of items we buy go to our home page)

Video Game Consoles – We buy many different consoles; see home page for the list of consoles we buy

Video Games – We buy all sorts of games for all sorts of consoles; go to our homepage to see what systems we buy.

Video Games Accessories – We buy controllers, memory cards,hard drives, etc.

DVDs – Must have original case and cover art. The better the condition, the more you get. (Prices subject to individual value)

HD TV’s – We buy all Flat-Panel HD TV’s; (Price depends on Model Number, Manufacturer Date, and Screen Resolution)

Laptops- We are currently buying Laptops that have Windows 7 or Windows 8. Also, never Macbooks with current and up-to-date Mac OS Versions installed.

TV Seasons – We buy TV series of all kind.  Must have original case.

Blu-Rays – We have a growing blu-ray section! We typically offer about 50% of what we sell them for.

Hand Held Game Systems- We are currently buying all models of DS systems, and PSP’s



We no longer buy music Cd’s and/or Cell Phones. (Sorry for any inconvenience)


We buy more than what is listed here, depending on the item. If you’re not sure whether we will purchase your item, call us or stop in and ask an associate!

So clean out your room, look under your bed, bring in what you don’t play or watch and get cash OR trade for something else. We are remotely NEW in Toledo, Ohio, and we are growing fast because of you. So once again, all of you that shop here or even just took the time to read this message– thank you so very much for your continued support.

Jonathan Robertson and Autumn Laplante
Owners & Operators


REPLAY on ALEXIS RD (419) 720-4359

REPLAY on REYNOLDS (419) 720-5814